Okonomiyaki- Japanese Sizzling pancake

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This is actually my friend David's recipe. But the end product doesn't look like it at all.

Please don't get mad if i made a little too many alterations to the original one. Though, I mussay, the end product is really fantastic! Taste a lot like Takoyaki balls that has been popping up left and right- (but disappearing as fast too:( ) only better.

They're super simple and filling. Makes a great 1-dish meal when you're too tired to cook. Use the basic recipe for the pancake, then when it's about to be cooked, add in whatever topping you like. I used bacon and a whole egg here. But you can add shrimps, ham, assorted veggies like beansprouts, carrots, or even chicken pieces.

How i cheated: I did not have the bonito flakes- thus I used shredded crispee pork (prok floss/ ma-hu) and instead of

yield: 2 large pancakes
What you need: 
1 C All Purpose Flour
1/2 C Dashi Stock, or Chicken Stock, or even plain water
2 eggs
1/2 kg chopped cabbage

Your choice of fillings:
Chicken Bits

Japanese Mayonnaise
Nori Strips
Chopped green onions
Okonomiyaki sauce or BBQ Sauce
Bonito Flakes or Crispee Pork Flakes
Green Onions

What to do:
1. Mix all ingredients for the pancake batter- starting with wet ingredients first, then flour, then the cabbage.
2. Heat pan, and put little oil to pancake does not stick.
3. When hot, scoop about 1C of the batter and spread to flatten.
4. When almost cooked, add your choice of filling.
5. Flip and cook until done. It should be a bit brown.
6. Transfer to a plate and top with choice of toppings.

Enjoy =)


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