Sushi Cupcakes

7.3.12 2 comments
Aren't they just super adorable? Made them for a friend's Japanese themed bachelorette :)
Learn how to make them for your next party after the jump >> 

Sushi Cupcakes

What you need:
1 tray brownies (uncut)
Buttercream icing
White Sprinkles
Assorted Gummies

For the "wasabi" and chocolate "soy sauce" dip:
Green food color
Whipped cream
3 T Chocolate Icing
3 T All Purpose cream

What to do:
1. Cut up the brownies to appropriate sushi size portions. Try rounding the sides with your hands or cut a bit more just so they are not exactly square.
2. Coat the top with buttercream icing.
3. Cover the top with white sprinkles.
4. Decorate with cut-up gummies.
5. Serve with "wasabi" (mix whip cream and green food color) and "soy sauce" by mixing chocolate icing and cream. Heat to melt. (Hot chocolate sauce is yummier too :) ).

Make sure to have fun while decorating :)

Other options:
- Use Gum Tapes and roll the side to add the "nori" effect.

Enjoy =)



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