The Bee goes YUMMY- Behind the Scenes

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Wheeeeee! The bee goes to yummy! oh boy oh boy. I was just over excited when I got the text message to be writing recipes for yummy.ph- perhaps the largest local food website-slash-recipe database.  It was initially for summer picnic food- but since timing was a bit off at that time, we had to revise and postpone the whole thing for June's back to school, baon-friendly ideas.

I prepared relentlessly for more than a week. Doing, re-doing, editing and revising the menu that was going to be perfect for kids to bring to school. Did the grocery few days prior and starting cooking the evening before the shoot. 

I was tasked to prepare 10 dishes (yep! TEN). Overwhelming at first, but I made it in one piece and on time! =) 

Here's the photo-summary of what transpired and the dishes shared. 

Welcome to the Summit Studio =) 

The "set" when we arrived. Had to pick lighting, table and such we were to use. 

 oooh. Some cakes that have been featured at yummy sitting at the studio. Super pretty eh? 

Some dishes brought to the shoot in huge plastic containers. That's Chicken Enchiladas and Miso-Glazed Fish Fillet.  

 still unglamorous homemade kitkat bars

 Remember the not-fried chicken with yogu-mustard dip? twas a big hit. and the styling's kinda cute too =)

 Chicken Terriyaki Makis with cream cheese. 

 Our little side picnic table where we ate the stuffs that's been shot. There's the cornflake cookie there which was another big hit. 

 Majoy, the amazing ms. photographer at work with the next entree. 

 Ranchero Buffalo Chicken Wraps. mouthwatering! It was a bit spicy though. 

 lookie. aimee's collection of placemats! I should definitely get some too. And they're inexpensive. Styling and plating was a breeze with these eyecandies. 

 medley of super moist strawberry butter cake, maki, buffalo wrap, kitkat bars in action and everyone's favorite- mexican creole rice in the blue square bowl!
 We did not have any knives at the set, but I think I did a pretty good job in slicing them sort of equally? That's the miso-glazed fish fillet

 a closer look- revealing its texture. 

 at work =) top shot seem to work best!

 Taco Rolls- also a favorite in my house. These babies tastes way better than how they look. Inside is everything on how a good taco should be sans the hard shell. It's light and crispy wrapping is a perfect combination. 

 hm... yin yang placements don't really complement the dish. Thus, we decided to keep it simple with this rustic mexican choice. 

 Tenderloin tips in creamy mushroom sauce over a bed of warm rice. 

That's the super nice Aimee- editor of yummy.ph, me in the middle, and Majoy- Summit Photographer. 

Thank you aimee, majoy and yummy.ph for this wonderful experience. 'Til next time =)

The recipes of the photos above shall be available in yummy.ph by mid-May (I'll keep you posted). And i shall share them here too one by one =) 


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