Kani Salad- the salad no one hates

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It's healthy, tasty and absolutely easy! So why not try it yourself?

Here are some tips:
1. Use the real kani- the ones that are flaky and more orange in color. The fake ones do not flake at all and has the texture of a fishball. They are also darker in color. And I think it's made mostly of starch. blech.
2. Mix in some Japanese Roasted Sesame dressing with the japanese mayo. Works wonders.
3. Use more force when grating the cucumber so they come out thicker.
4. Strain the cucumber for a good 10 minutes before piling on, this removes the excess water. Thus, start with the cucumber and by the time you finish up preparing everything, your 10 minutes is up =)

Now for the recipe. Check it out after the jump!

Kani Salad
What you need: 
Half head of Lettuce
1 whole Cucumber, seeded
1 Big Ripe yellow mango, cubed
6-8 pcs Kani Sticks (the good quality kind), shredded
Nori Strips
Japanese Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup roasted sesame dressing

What to do:
1. Using a thick cheese grater, shred the cucumber. Let stand on a strainer to drain excess water.
2. Slice the lettuce to 1/2 inch strips, and scatter on the bottom of a large plate.
3. Layer lettuce with cucumber, draw some japanese mayo stripes over the cucumber, then continue layering with cubed mango and shredded kani.
4. Drizzle the roasted sesame dressing on top and finish off with nori strips.

enjoy this healthy, yummy and refreshing treat as a starter or snack =)



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