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What would you do if a family friend gives you a boxful of peaches which by some miracle seems to never get empty even after consuming it religiously for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days? Give them away? Likely. But Abbey Weston did otherwise, thus, the birth of the Beehive Cookie Factory.

For someone who had the passion for baking since primary school, it is not surprising that several years into the future, she is to own her home based cakes and pastries business. “We were having peaches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple of days already so eventually my mom asked me to do something with it. I made my first peach pie,” Abbey recalls. After having her friends and family taste it, one peach pie led to another, then another, and next thing she knew, she is ordering more boxes of peaches from their family friend.

Fast forward to this year, the Beehive Cookie Factory now offers more that 20 products to choose from ranging from the quintessential Christmas staple Food For The Gods to the Birthday Party favorite, Strawberry Shortcake.

After sampling some of Beehive Cookie Factory's treats I've noted a few which I personally recommend you to try and share with your loved ones this Christmas season.

Cinnamon Roll 

I've read raves in the Beehive multiply page on everything but these toothsome goodies. For what reason exactly? I have no idea! I highly doubt though that none of them found Abbey's Cinnamon Roll superb so I'm assuming that not all have tasted what I, by far, declare as the best one available in the metro. Best served steaming hot from the oven, a bite into this soft, melt in your mouth, and flavorful delight can literally make you close your eyes in sheer satisfaction. I won't be surprised if you become addicted (I did!) and thankfully, you can eat a boxful of these (6pcs.) for only P150! Now, that's a bargain!


The Beehive Cookie Factory
See what kind of sweetness this beehive has in store for you as owner Abbey Weston talks about the Beehive Cookie Factory.

Apple Crumble

This is again what one might consider another bang for the buck. For P200 (yes, you read that right!), you can already enjoy an 8 inch pie filled with bite sized ripe apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and a crumbly and sugary crust.

It is very much akin to the traditional apple pies I've loved and appreciated over time save for the subtle whiff of cinnamon and a few walnuts she added that made it extra special. Thus, it was not hard for me to find gustatory pleasure and comfort in devouring a slice of this. Okay, make that slices.

Strawberry Shortcake.

I am no fan of strawberry so naturally, I didn't sample Abbey's much coveted Strawberry Shortcake. Bea however, who was with me that time and who has proclaimed her love for fruity-tarty desserts countless of times, immensely enjoyed the cake which to her description sits perfectly in the middle of fluffiness and moistness and had the right blend of sweetness and tartness. Even though I preferred not to taste it, I could not deny how luscious the caked looked as the bright and glossy red strawberries and jam contrasted against its immaculately white icing. With its look as festive as that, no doubt that this is one of the top choices of the beehive fans during their birthdays. And surely, this in the center table these coming holiday festivities would look as perfect.

For all of you sweet tooths out there, I'm pretty sure that you can find that perfect saccharine treat in this beehive. A few more recommendations would include the Chocolate cake (6" for P160, 8" for P320, 9" for P420) , Abbey's favorite, wherein a spread of caramel is sandwiched between moist chocolate layers. Her version of the Food for the gods (12 pcs P180), a very popular giveaway this Christmas, is also well loved by a lot not only for its price but its unique flavor as well. And of course, their moist and fudgy Espresso Bars (6pcs. for P120) should also be included in your Christmas giveaway list.

Chocolate Cake

Food for the gods

Fudgy Espresso Bar

Abbey also accommodates made to order goodies not only for the upcoming holidays but for the rest of the special occasions throughout the year. Visitwww.thebeehivepastries.multiply.com for more information on her array of products, price lists and delivery schemes. Just be sure to place your orders at least 2 days ahead because the beehive is getting pretty busy this holidays!


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