The best Wonder Soup (aka Cabbage Soup) for the 7-day diet

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The Lenten holidays is perhaps the best time of the year to go on a diet. Unlike other holidays, this type is not characterized by all the gatherings = awesome FOOD. And it is also the time of the year to recharge spirituality. With the quiet surrounding and (almost all stores closed), it's easi(er) to get the much needed quiet time.

What best way to compliment this by being physically prepped up? This kind of diet cleanses the body as prayers would cleanse a soul. And for those not yet convinced- here goes- GREAT SKIN and a promise of 5-10LBS OFF in just 7 days!

Whaddya say? Game? =D

It's a 7-day long diet, but a healthy one. It makes sure that you still get the much needed nutrients, and does not cut off on any major food group, except for carbohydrates :) See it's really not that boring.

Day 1: All fruits + unlimited "wonder soup"

Day 2: All vegetables- but go easy on potatoes and carrots or anything starchy + unlimited "wonder soup"

Day 3: All fruits and vegetables + unlimited "wonder soup"

Day 4: Bananas and Low-fat Milk + unlimited wonder soup

Day 5: Chicken and Fish (nothing fried) + Tomatoes + unlimited "wonder soup"

Day 6: Same as Day 5, but with more veggies this time + unlimited "wonder soup"

Day 7: Fruits and Vegetables + Juices + unlimited "wonder soup"

Read on this article too, for more information and explanations for each day plus tips on making it work.

They do have a recipe there for the wonder soup, but I have made some alterations, and made it really awesome to the point you might forget you are on diet (until people around you start eating fried chicken and pizza, sigh)

Read on for the wonder soup recipe.

What you need:
1 medium head cabbage (around 1/2kg)
4 bulbs onions, chopped finely
4 tomatoes, chopped finely, do not remove seeds
1 big green bell pepper, chopped finely
1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped finely
1 stalk celery, chopped finely
1/2 Cup Tomato Sauce
Chili Pepper flakes
1/2 Chicken or Mushroom Bullion cube
Salt and Pepper
a lot of water (15 cups or more)

What to do:
1. Boil water.
2. Stir in all the vegetable and let it simmer for 45 minutes.
3. Add the bullion, tomato sauce and season with some salt and pepper. Add in some chili flakes to perk up the flavors.
4. Serve piping hot.

*If you are serious on this diet, opt to add different spices each time you make, so your soup sort of taste different every time. Here are more suggestions:
- Chopped parsley or coriander
- A bit of pesto sauce (just a hint)
- Other herbs
** You may not add: carrots, potatoes or other starchy vegetables, also do not add beans of any kind.

- The only optional ingredients from the recipe above are: bullion cubes, basil and tomato sauce. All others must be followed.
- The more the veggies are cooked, the more flavorful the soup becomes and the soggier the veggies are (which is good). Thus, simmer for another hour more if you can- or do this while reheating.
- This can freeze and be re-heated the next day. My mom and I are currently on this diet and we share a pot of this soup. It's ample for 1 day for 2 people with some leftovers even. We also share with other family members since it's super healthy. Thus, if making for 1- maybe this will last upto 3 days.
- Don't forget to refrigerate or freeze leftovers, this spoils easily since it does not really contain any preservatives or anything.
- Eat as much as you can. It is vital that you don't go hungry since your metabolism slows down.

Enjoy =)


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