Minion Cookies

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"That's how you execute a surprise party!"

My good friend Geia had a Despicable Me2 themed baby shower the other night. You see, Geia is one of the most difficult persons to hide secrets from- especially if it's uploaded online even if its in some obscure website or a friend of a friend's of a friend's of a friend's blog. It's as if her minion-looking glasses are equipped with search spiders of some sort. But we did it! We were able to pull off a surprise for her- without her having any clue! The simplest way- care of the most creative Digital Team was to include her in the surprise haha.

All the while, Geia thought she was planning for a surprise party for our other friend Marrah. She was in charge to bring her to the venue and the logistics.

and thus- she shouted "surprise" in her own surprise party!

minion cookies #despicableme2

Learn how to make them after the jump!

Minion Cookies


What you need:
2 dozen chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (available at The Beehive)
1 bag of yellow royal icing (recipe below)
Marshmallow eyes (small white marshmallows, cut horizontally into 2)
Chocolate or Black Icing

What to do:
- Cover the cookies with yellow royal icing
- Immediately put on the marshmallow eyes while the yellow icing is still soft, making sure you press down. Once the icing dries, the eyes will be very secure
- If you are not able to attach the eyes while the icing is still soft, you can moisten the part of icing with water until it softens a bit, but it wouldn't be as secure.
- Make sure you place the eyes really close to each other- like the real minion glasses =)
- Draw dots for the eyes (can be looking to the right, left, etc hihi), then draw the hair and the smile (or frown or any other expression)

Royal Icing:
2 C Powered sugar
Eggwhite from 1 large egg
1/2 tsp lemon juice

- Beat eggwhites until soft peaks form
- Add in powdered sugar and lemon juice (gradually) and continue beating until stiff peaks form
- Store in an airtight container or in a glass bowl covered with a damp towel (so they don't dry off)

Enjoy the decorating as much as the eating! =)


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